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Poultry Processing

Present in Every Corner of the World

“Many of our 2013 projects confirm once again our position as the customers' choice in processing technology, globally present with local sales and service networks from which we service our customers efficiently. Although the global economic situation has had an adverse effect on investments in many markets, we have finalized a significant number of projects, both large and small, in every corner of the world.”  

Anton de Weerd, Managing Director Marel's Poultry Industry Center

Sustainable, Safe
and Traceable Processes 

Poultry consumption worldwide continues to grow, and in many markets fresh, portioned and further processed products are becoming ever more popular.

Our leading position in this growing market enables us to develop even better products and services, allowing our customers to continue to improve their processes, cost base, and the quality of their products. To us, an important starting point is a sustainable, safe, and traceable process.

Duck processing has become a focus area. Our latest projects – a 6,000 bph (broilers per hour) line in South Korea and a 4,000 bph project in Russia – are fine displays of high-speed duck processing lines with the highest possible level of automation. 

The integrated solutions are controlled and supported by our software solutions and enable the production of high quality duck products. We are confident that these successes enable us to grow in this segment of the poultry market. We are continuously working in close partnership with our customers on new processing techniques and technologies in almost every step of the process.

Market Environment Still Challenging

For most of the year 2013 a slowdown in the poultry industry prevailed and led, in general, to a lower number of orders received. Positive exceptions were Poland, the U.K., Brazil, and Russia.

In Europe we implemented several exciting new greenfield projects, which bring together the best and most innovative technologies to produce a wide variety of top quality chicken products at the highest levels of throughput and automation.

The focus is on fresh products with retail quality, and on moving towards a cleaner and even more sustainable process. Once again, the award winning AeroScalder has proven to be successful. The AeroScalder introduces a new scalding concept that uses humidified hot air for scalding broilers.

The scalding system has several advantages; it saves up to 75% of water, up to 50% of energy, and broilers are no longer immersed in scalding water. Furthermore there is virtually no cross-contamination during scalding.

In the U.S. market the situation has improved during the year. This development has already resulted in substantial orders for big bird lines. Also a number of substantial orders were secured in Latin and Central America.

In Mexico orders have been secured, reflecting a clear result of a focused market approach in this important poultry market. While the poultry market in the US continued to improve, most of the European and Asian markets were slow in terms of investment activity. 

Source: USDA

Compounded annual growth rate

Source: USDA

Compounded annual growth rate

Customer story

Charmfre in South Korea

With the realization of their new poultry processing facility near Buan in South Korea, Charmfre opted for quality, efficiency, and hygiene at the highest levels.


Charmfre is one of South Korea's poultry processing elite. The huge project, with a capacity of over 35,000 broilers per hour (bph), houses four high-capacity lines for the production of a wide variety of fresh broiler and duck products. The duck processing line offers the highest available automation level and processing speed available in the industry.

The Charmfre greenfield project is an example of the integrated approach that Marel offers,integrating the best new proven technologies. Marel is proud to have contributed to the realization of this great high-end poultry processing project.

Several Innovative Solutions
Brought to the Market

In 2013 several innovative solutions were launched. A new version of the IRIS (Intelligent Reporting, Inspection & Selection) System to inspect the back side of products was introduced.

The new SmartWeigher, was launched, positioned in the selection line and is designed to weigh whole birds on a line and the new Water Bath Stunner EU improves the way handling the chicken at the first stages which complies fully with the new EU regulation.

In secondary processing, the new modular StreamLine Poultry improves trimming operations, and manages and monitors product flow and quality control. The StreamLine is controlled by Innova Software Solutions and offers many functionalities and improved hygiene.

The new dual-lane SensorX 25 bone detection system with enlarged throughput was successfully launched and number of other solutions to further increase efficiency and yield.

During the Russia trade exhibition our TrayTrack system received the best new product award. The Traytrack is a perfect example of how we translate our innovative nature into value adding poultry processing solutions.

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