Market Overview

Further Processing

Focus on Competitive Strength and Innovative Approach

“Over the year 2013 we can conclude that Marel has proven itself to be a world player in the field of processing equipment for the market of cooked products. At the same time we need to focus more on equipment for other product market combinations like fresh products, co-extruded products, and traditional sausages.”

Gerrit den Bok, Managing Director of Marel's Further Processing Industry Center

A Fantastic Market
with Huge Growth Potential

The further processing industry market shows sustainable growth as protein consumption is forecast to grow 45% over the next 15 years. 

In developed markets, like Europe and the U.S., this trend will be supported by on-line sales of convenience food, which is the result of the digitalization of consumers worldwide. 

In emerging markets like Latin America, Africa, and Asia, the consumption of convenience food is growing rapidly, supported by changes in eating patterns in these countries. 

Another factor supporting growth in the consumption of convenience food is the growth of the middle class in emerging economies worldwide.

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Customer Story

HB Grandi in Iceland

HB Grandi is one of the largest fish companies in Iceland and a leader in its field. HB Grandi greatly emphasizes using the latest advances in technology for fishing and processing. This is why they  chose the RevoPortioner from Marel.

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 The RevoPortioner enables processors to make perfectly portioned products at low pressure, which retain the texture and the structure of the raw material. Until recently the RevoPortioner has been used with meat masses, but it is now breaking ground in the seafood industry.

“The RevoPortioner fully meets our expectations. We get the correct texture and bite,” says Kari Solmundarson Sales Manager of HB Grandi. He explains that the RevoPortioner is an opportunity for fish processors to continue adding value to their products: “The 3D shape and the natural bite of the piece is actually a revolution in the seafood industry".

Focus on Four Different Product Lines

To capitalize on prevailing market trends, Marel's Further Processing Industry Center will focus on four different product market combinations: convenience products, co-extruded products, traditional sausage making, and fresh products.

From 2014, Marel will organize itself accordingly in dedicated product groups. This change will help equip Marel for the future and support its long-term growth potential and future prospects in the further processing industry.

Throughout 2013, Marel’s Further Processing Industry Center has become a more mature full line supplier on cooked products, in which it can now offer complete Marel solutions. 

Parallel to this, we have gone through a steep learning curve on equipment for co-extruded products (QX systems)

We see a lot of potential for this equipment worldwide, and a lot of interest is shown in the U.S. and Latin America, as well as in Europe. 

We have seen good revenues from equipment for traditional sausage making (linkers and peelers), especially in Latin America, Asia, and the U.S, while the market on fresh products is doing exceptionally well in France.

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Revenue in home market and globally

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Unique and Innovative
Award Winning Products

At the IFFA show in Frankfurt, we demonstrated our potential to our customers with a very positive spin-off, resulting in stronger relationships with our growing customer base and some new orders.

Marel also received the award for Heating Technology for our Modular Oven Systems which shows once more that we are differentiating ourselves from the competition by means of unique developments.

Over the year, we completed some very exiting innovations in different fields of expertise.

For the cooked market we developed a new ValueFryer and the next version of our RevoPortioner’s program. Both developments will support our plan for 2014 in convenience products.

We sold the first version of our new High Capacity Cook Smoke Link system, which will be installed early in 2014. This system will strengthen our position on the co-extruded sausage market.

For the fresh market we were able to launch our Modular Sausage Loader, which has great potential in the fresh market. We continued to strengthen our partnerships with reliable food equipment suppliers around the world.

Our Further Processing Product Range