Market Overview

Fish Processing

Strong Commitment Towards Innovation

“Overall 2013 was a challenging year, where global markets for investments in fish processing were clearly impacted by the difficult economic climate in the world's major economies. Towards the end of the year, however, we noticed some signs of gradual improvement. Pipelines remain strong and the level of outgoing new proposals indicates that the long-term outlook is positive.”

Jon Birgir Gunnarsson, Managing Director of Marel's Fish Industry Center

Underlying Need
for Investment is Growing

With a steady increase in the total world production of fish, the industry overall is still going strong and processors will continue investing and updating their processing technology to accommodate increased volume.

All key trends suggest that the underlying need for investment is growing despite challenging market conditions, and Marel's customers are facing increased demand for seafood. 

Consumers of seafood products continue to demand more convenience and practicality, triggering more value-added processing.

Marel's Innova Software Solutions are uniquely tied into its systems and equipment, and continue to give customers competitive advantage as consumers are increasingly aware of ethical sourcing, traceability to origin, correct labeling of all food products and food safety, Marel continues to be an industry leader in this field.

Well Positioned for the Future

Given the above mentioned trends and expectations, Marel is well positioned to continue playing a big role in the future of the industry, both with its existing strong range of products and systems, as well as a constant commitment towards innovation.

Our strong sales and service network around the world has provided flexibility as customers in some markets have been forced to postpone investments.

Source: FAO and Groundfish Forum

Compounded annual growth rate

Source: FAO and Groundfish Forum

Compounded annual growth rate

Source: FAO, Nystoyl and Tveteras (2012)

Compounded annual growth rate

Customer story

Terrapez in Costa Rica

Terrapez in Costa Rica is part of the Grupo ACI, a vertically integrated company that controls the entire production chain, from the genetic development, farming, and processing, to the marketing and sale of the product, with the purpose of supplying the United States and European markets with fresh tilapia.


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When Terrapez chose Marel as its partner for a purpose-built tilapia processing facility, its main goals were clear: speed up processing, gain better management control, increase yield, and improve product handling. “We have now reduced the processing time by around 40%, which helps us increase the product's shelf life, but also prevents costly drip loss and gives us a higher quality end product. In addition, the system enables us to deliver a more uniform product size,” explains Max Fernández M., Plant Manager, Terrapez S.A

“This project was driven by the competitive market situation. Our competitors are global, both in the fresh and frozen segments. Our product has the unique value proposition that we have not only a sustainable product but also high quality. We have all necessary certifications, which is important to us. We managed to improve certain processes greatly, hereby enabling us to increase productivity and quality at the same time,” Victor Jiménez General Manager Grupo ACO explains.

Our Tilapia Product Range


Strong Range
of Innovative Products and Systems

In 2013 Marel introduced several exciting innovations.

Early in the year, at the 2013 Salmon ShowHow, a Portioning and Robot Loading Solution for the salmon industry were introduced, which had been developed in partnership with Norwegian salmon processor Nordlaks Produkter AS, where it was then installed. The innovative solution automates the process of portioning and loading fixed weight salmon portions into retail packs, and enables a seamless flow of salmon portions without manual handling.

Later in the year, Marel won innovation awards for this solution at the 2013 Aqua-Nor expo in Trondheim.

Marel received good feedback from the salmon industry for updating the MS2730 Filleting Machine with a new back trim tool. In 2013 we also launched the next generation of portion cutters, specially designed for fish, which is already triggering orders, confirming Marel's leading position in the portioning industry.

Finally we greatly extended the maturity of our portfolio of processing flowlines for whitefish with an updated version of the Standard Flowline. Over the years Marel's close partnerships with some of the fish industry's most forward thinking processors have enabled many breakthrough successes and industry benchmarks, and will continue to do so.

Our Fish Product Range