Business operations


Improved Service Efficiency

“We are currently in the middle of a transition from being a product oriented service organization to being more customer centric. This includes increased focus on customer insight, like improved installed base and customer management. We want to meet the actual needs and demands of our customers.”

Trausti Arnason, Global Service Director


The Golden Service Triangle

Marel's service mission is to support our customers' preferred balance between maximum uptime (throughput), minimal cost of ownership, and highest yield (performance). With the Golden Service Triangle, Marel aims to generate added value for the customer; develop, maintain, and improve customer relationships by creating a balanced service triangle for each customer.


Tour de Marel 2013

Tour de Marel, took place for the second time in 2013. This time Marel employees around the globe raised €75,000 to support SOS Children's Villages in the Ivory Coast.

Marel employees around the world participated in Tour de Marel by running, walking, cycling, playing football and participating in a variety of different events and fundraisers. Marel's donation will be used to build new primary school, located in the SOS Children's Village that will provide quality education for 210 children aged 6 to 16 years.


Long-Term Partnerships

Focus on Performance
and Customer Experience

“We will become more involved in the customer's processes and shift the relationship from reactive to proactive; from provider to partner. We hope to meet our customers' needs throughout the lifecycle of the products and solutions that they have,” says Trausti.

“To be able to realize our service mission to develop long-term partnerships with our customers, we have prepared a Strategic Service model that will guide us in building the foundation for future growth in our service areas for the years to come,” says Trausti.

Marel took some important steps in 2013 on global alignment projects for service. One of those projects is the global spare part pricing policy that was rolled out in all markets in 2013, with the main goals of simplifying the pricing structure and offering competitive prices to our customers. A global performance program was also rolled out to steer improvements for reactive service. Those two projects are very important and will have extensive impact for Marel's customers on a global scale. “I expect our customers will see positive changes in 2014,” says Trausti.

Best-in-Class Performance

"In order to execute the long-term service strategy it is mandatory to get the right building blocks in place. The first step in our five-year roadmap was the startup of a global performance program in the beginning of the year 2013. In the first year we implemented key priority projects and started measuring performance on those," says Trausti.

"The improvements exceeded expectations and we saw an improvement in both first-time fix rate and planning accuracy. According to research reports this performance is rated as best-in-class performance for similar companies".

Spare part performance has been improved with a focus on shorter lead times and reliable delivery times. Shorter lead times on spare parts show the largest improvement so far. On average lead time improved by 15-25% in our large warehouses and manufacturing centers, both in Europe and the U.S., while the delivery accuracy has been maintained.

Along with more reliable and efficient service delivery, like higher first-time fix rate and accurate planning, this will affect the customer experience in positive way.