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Our people

Fit for Future Challenges 

“2013 was an eventful and challenging year for Marel employees, dealing with many post-integration challenges and changes in our management workforce.”

David Freyr Oddsson, Corporate Director of Human Resources


We Support Employees
so They Can Support Customers

“Our focus on human resources has changed a lot over the past few years and will continue to do so as we head for the future and new challenges, but our goal remains the same: to provide excellent and value-added services to our employees so they can support customer achievement. 

Therefore we have to ensure that all of our employees possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for present and future competence and success,”  says David.

“One way to achieve this goal is to have the most qualified and dedicated employees possible in all areas throughout Marel. 

Human resources is an integral part of this goal, as its primary functions are: recruitment and hiring talented and qualified employees; working with managers regarding their employees' allocations; talent management; employee benefits; employee relations; performance evaluations; contract management; and policy regulation.”

Stability in Numbers

The number of employees at year end 2013 was 4,087 full time equivalents. The largest number of employees is located in the Netherlands, followed by the U.S., Iceland, Denmark, and the U.K. Just over 70% of employees are located in Europe.


The Marel
Leadership Program

Marel has developed the Marel leadership Program in collaboration with TiasNimbas Business School.

“Together with 24 other potential leaders from all over the world, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Marel Leadership Program. It is a great opportunity to learn, and not an easy program as much is required from you as a participant. My experience is that willingness to learn and an open mind are most important, because you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone. Learn, interact, reflect and dig deep. Personal and professional development really go hand in hand in the Marel Leadership Program.”

 Mayke Theloesen, Human resources Manager in Oss, Neatherlands , participant in Marel leadership program


Developing Our People

“Our people are our most valuable asset; therefore developing them is a crucial task. In 2013 we started the second Marel Leadership Program with 25 of our potential future leaders involved. This program is well fitted to the company’s needs, and participants are confident that it will help them develop personally as well as professionally, which will make them stronger and better prepared for the challenge of becoming a successful manager. In 2013 we offered 121 training courses in over 7 countries with over 1,300 attendees,”says David.

Highly Competent and Qualified People

“Despite the period of integration being formally over, we were still dealing with some post-integration challenges in 2013. We needed to fill a few key global positions, and in more than 80% of those appointments we hired from within our company. That gives us confidence that we have high quality and highly competent people who have the opportunity to grow into more responsible roles, and there is no shortage of internal management talent,” says David.

Strengthen Our Human Resources Structure

“The coming year will continue to be a time of change for our human resources people. Priorities stem from the major initiatives we have undertaken with our partners, including a new human resources structure that will support our workforce and streamline processes to increase client satisfaction,” says David.