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Market Penetration

Enhancing our Resources Worldwide

"Marel's sales and service network represents most of the key markets worldwide, and the goal in 2013 was to strengthen it further.

The focus was on improving the level of sales and service competences for the benefit of our customers, with minimal increase in costs. This was done using some untraditional methods such as sales training through Live Broadcasting (Marel TV), and eLearning. Additionally, hundreds of people attended the traditional face-to-face training sessions. 

A big milestone was reached at the end of the year when the new demo and training center, Progress Point, was opened in Copenhagen, Denmark.”

Petur Gudjonsson, Managing Director of Marel's International Sales and Service Network



Progress Point

A major milestone was reached when
Progress Point was opened in November 2013.

This 2,900m2 demonstration facility, with its 900m2 of demonstration halls, is revolutionizing how Marel demonstrates its newest equipment, solutions, and processes to customers. Most of the demonstration area is chilled so it can simulate a real processing environment. The facility also includes numerous meeting rooms and an auditorium.

In addition to demonstrations, Progress Point is used for training purposes, and customer and internal meetings. With this new facility the focus will shift from trade shows, and more emphasis will be placed on inviting customers to a hands-on experience at Progress Point.


Regional Approach

In order to harmonize strategies for Marel in the world markets an official definition of six regions has been defined. Each region can consist of one or more independent Sales and Service Units (SSUs) and agents. This will allow a common strategy towards that region, and facilitate more sharing of resources within each region.

To support this strategy, the operations of Marel's SSUs have been centralized by merging smaller SSUs with larger ones; such as Denmark with Norway and Sweden, Romania with Poland, Italy with Iberia as well as Chile and Uruguay.

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New Marel Offices

In 2013 new Sales and Service Units in Mexico and India finished their first full year of business with good results. Numerous large projects were concluded in Mexico, where Marel partnered up with leading food producers.

This success is an example of customers moving towards Marel and being open to establishing partnerships on a solid foundation, thanks to Marel demonstrating its commitment to customers in a local market by establishing a local sales and service team.

Global Presence

Marel's global distribution network includes offices and subsidiaries in some 30 countries, and approximately 100 agents and distributors around the world.

Building on their knowledge of the market and customer needs, our local teams sell, market, distribute, install and service Marel's standard products.

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