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Innovation Through Partnership

For Marel, innovation is the essential element when striving to offer the best, every single day. The company's goal is to provide its customers with solutions that give them an edge over their competitors. To achieve this goal, Marel introduced 48 new products in 2013 and applied for patents for 24 new innovations.

Marel had 276 active patent families at the end of the year. Marel believes that bringing innovative products to its customers is the best way to keep them ahead in a competitive market.

Marel has proven once more that innovation is a lifeline. Despite challenging market conditions in 2013 innovation activities were sustained at a high level.

Marel has brought a large number of new solutions to the market to suit its customers' needs, increasingly based on its combined knowledge of the different heritages and entities in the company.

We introduced
new products
We have
active patent families
We applied for
patents on new innovations

Investment in Innovation is Key

The structure of Marel reflects its emphasis on innovation. For every market and application, Marel designates a team of sales, service and innovation specialists to make sure there is a continuous flow of valuable ideas being developed into new additions to the product portfolio.

Innovation is not luck, but hard work that involves leaving the office to learn and work in the field with customers and state-of-the-art technology suppliers. On the other hand, Marel also provides an internal network for innovators to learn from the different industries and centers across the company to fuel creativity and make best use of the available knowledge.

The ultimate aim is to simplify existing processing methods and use intelligent thinking to develop the products that mean fundamental changes for the industry and consumers. Changes in production costs, higher value of the product, waste reduction etc. With the current product quality and speed requirements of protein processing, this is becoming more and more challenging. Marel is convinced that we can only fulfill this task with strong partnerships.

In addition to having its own large and strong research and development team, Marel enjoys good relations with many suppliers of knowledge and solutions. The company's annual investment in innovation is well above the industry average. Investment in innovation means investing in people who are dedicated to finding increasingly ingenious ways to benefit customers and consumers.


Understanding Our Customers

Good innovation starts with the market drivers. At Marel, we commit to understanding the business models and drivers of our customers in various parts of the world.

We have created not only an environment but also a formal process to make sure that the market plays a central role throughout the whole development cycle. Intensive cooperation between Marel's team of experts – in sales, service, innovation and manufacturing – and the company's entrepreneurial customers is the real reason Marel excels in innovation each year.

This partnership ensures that Marel can assist its customers in reacting to ever-changing consumer habits and in rising against challenges in the external environment such as the need to save energy and water, or improve the yield of the protein being processed.


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Marel TV

Marel operates its own TV station that broadcasts live to Marel employees that are located all around the globe.

In monthly live broadcasts Marel's newest solutions are introduced by sales specialist. At the end of each session, Marel viewers can send in questions which are answered in real-time by specialists. This way all the Marel sales around the world are kept updated on new equipment and solutions that Marel steadily introduces to the market.

The Innovation Tree

The Marel innovation tree expresses our vision on innovation. Its roots thrive on ideas and knowledge to form the seedling of a large tree. A multidisciplinary, firm, and thorough development process forms the tree’s branches that finally bear fruit for customers to enjoy.

The cycle begins again as this process bears seeds for new ventures and new discussions with customers. “Open your mind” is a call to the Marel innovators and customers to look to the future and sow the seeds of innovation.